* * Burn My Eye! Episode Guide * *

videos online at: http://vimeo.com/vporter/videos/

Episode #1 - Pink & Brown / Blectum from Blechdom
Air Date - Wednesday, 4/3/02 Midnight - 30 minutes
Produced / Edited by Virgil Porter
Video by George Chen, Virgil Porter, Lucinda Rinaldo
Live sound by Josh Wilson (Pink&Brown)

Pink & Brown
:: Pink & Brown are two freaks wearing (can you guess?) pink and brown
bodysuits. Musically, it's alot of screeching and feedback, but the kids
seem to love it. On the interview side, they are hilarious. They tour
constantly and just played the South by Southwest music conference.
Blectum from Blechdom
:: Blectum from Blechdom are two ladies from the East Bay (they attended
Mills) who can't get a gig in the US to save their lives, but have
toured Europe numerous times. They say that the laptop is the guitar of
today and these folks are out to prove it. Catchy, infectious and always

Episode #2 - Numbers / Erase Errata
Air Date - Wednesday, 6/5/02 - Midnight - 30 minutes

:: Numbers are three carbon-based automatons who were captured on tape at a
warehouse demolition party in San Francisco's beautiful Mission
District. The walls literally came down around them while the crowd got
naked and danced for what seems like hours. If you're looking for
boring, don't look here. Local wrok writer Mike McGuirk conducted the
interview. Produced / Edited by Virgil Porter. Video by George Chen,
Virgil Porter
Erase Errata
:: Erase Errata are a Bay Area 4 piece that has one of the best live
performances around. Geez, do I have to drool about the recorded output
as well? If you don't have it, get aquainted with "Other animals" on
Troubleman Unlimited. Their live portion was recorded 3/21/02 at the
Eagle in SF. Produced / Edited by Virgil Porter. Video by George Chen,
Eran Yarkon. Live sound by Josh Wilson (Not the interview though. Blame Mr. V. Porter for the poor audio on that.)

Episode #3 - Lo-Fi Neisans / Total Shutdown
Air Date - Wednesday, 7/3/02 - Midnight - 30 minutes

Lo-Fi Neisans
:: Lo-Fi Neisans are a lot of Japanese, some Colombian and a giant load of
SPACE ALIEN PSYCHOSIS! They are truly meant to be experienced in the
live setting due to the volume of dancers and instruments they meld
together to create living song. These "students" are gonna take over
America and teach'em how to properly wear stuffed animals with wrestling
thongs. Filmed live at Kimo's.
Total Shutdown
:: Total Shutdown stomp, skronk and growl it out on the Bottom of the
Hill's dancefloor for their portion of Burn My Eye!. Freejass porks
hardcore and we all somehow live through the twitching spazms to
continue talking about it. Deafening, yet enlightening. Their interview
portion was mysteriously delivered in a plain brown wrapper by an
anyonymous man-servant. Why are they naked in the park? We will never

Episode #4 - The Locust vs Extreme Elvis
Air Date - Wednesday,8/7/02 - Midnight - 30 minutes
Produced / Edited by Virgil Porter
Video by Lucinda Rinaldo and Virgil Porter

The Locust
:: The Locust exist to stupefy, annoy and destroy via lightspeed riffs,
incessant electronic screeching and enough inane one-liner song titles
to scrawl on your bathroom walls for ages. They've also toured/worked
their asses off for the last few years under the umbrella of
uber-indie-momma label Gold Standard Labs. It seems to have all paid off
since they've ended up with an alarmingly huge following and a record
deal with Epitaph's redheaded-stepchild-label ANTI (Tom Waits, Merle
Haggard). Extreme Elvis conducts the interview. Yes, I'm not fucking
kidding. Extreme Elvis! The Locust was filmed live at Bottom of the Hill
on May 22nd 2002 for this episode and was interviewed back stage at the
Great American Music Hall on 6/9/02.

Episode #5 - The Blood Brothers
Air Date - Wednesday,9/4/02 - Midnight - 30 minutes
This turned out to be a filler episode due to a variety of reasons. It
won't be archived or reproduced since it was just a single camera
concert by Seattle's Blood Brothers.


Episode #6 - The Lowdown / Deerhoof
Air Date - Wednesday,11/6/02 - Midnight - 30 minutes

:: Deerhoof Segment shot and edited by Stephen Kozlowski, Kirsten Nordine,
Trevor Shimuzu and Deerhoof.
:: Lowdown segment shot and edited by George Chen, Mat Coté and The Lowdown
The Lowdown

Episode #7 - The Buzzerk / Nigel Pepper Cock / Thrones
Air Date - Wednesday,12/4/02 - Midnight - 30 minutes

The Buzzerk! "A mini-doc"
Cameras by George Chen, Mariah Gardner and Virgil Porter
Edited by Virgil Porter
:: Eric Landmark created a neat instrument to augment the keyboards he
plays for Numbers. It's called The Buzzerk and in this piece we sit down
for an in-depth look at how he assembled this interesting device and the
veritable rainbow of horrible noises it can coaxed to emit. Eric
performs one solo piece written especially for the Buzzerk,
Nigel Pepper Cock "Cock the Vote"
Cameras by Paul Costuros and Virgil Porter
Edited by Virgil Porter
:: Nigel Pepper Cock got nominated for "Best Metal/Hard Rock Band" by the
SF Weekly, so they decided to rally the voters with a free show at the
16th and Mission BART station. We taped the rally and performance even
though they didn't win. Then again, we all know that stupid shit is
rigged after seeing Extreme Elvis lose to a group nobody has ever heard
of. They perform two hits ("Coke Pants" along with the ever popular
"Needles & Whores") from their latest LP, "The New Way."
Thrones by Mat Coté
:: A live performance by Thrones and a short interview. Joe Preston talks
about his cats and his culinary skills.


Episode #8 - Fast Forward, The White Ring and Black Dice
Air Date: Wednesday / January 1, 2003 - Midnight - 30 minutes

:: Fast Forward live from Kimo's in SF (June 16th, 2002). This brief,
but insane performance hurts more than your ears. Cameras/interview by
George Chen, Russell Etchen, Lucinda Rinaldo. Edited by E. Casey Leydon

The White Ring
:: Entitled "Homeland Security: It's In Your Hands", this exciting
11-minute video presents The White Ring as they present new and
important tactics for safety in an age of a War on Terror. Featuring
both archiveal and contemporary footage, this video shows how innovative
programs such as the Total Information Awareness system go to work in
communities around the United States and beyond. Your hosts are The
White Ring. It's also a great teaching tool for teachers and educators
in plain, concise language for all to understand.

Black Dice - filmed by Paul Costuros
:: This is part of a live performance at Cocodrie in SF from May 17th of


Episode #9 - Les Savy Fav / Replicator
Air Date: Wednesday / February 5th, 2003 - Midnight - 30 minutes

Les Savy Fav
:: Les Savy Fav are chock full of wit, charm and lucid tones that don't
disappoint. Their seriously cathartic live show is taken to
near-perfection by the sly tongue and prance of frontman/boy Tim
Harrington. Robynn Nonogirl grills the boys from Brooklyn for the
interview portion and they take care of the live part all by themselves
(well, the audience had to sing along and clap a little bit too). The
performance is from Bottom of the Hill, April 24, 2002.
:: Loud and obnoxious (at least singer/guitarist Conan Neutron on the
latter), Replicator remind us that something good actually came outta
the Midwest. We taped'em live at a packed attic show in the Tenderloin's
Edinburgh Castle on January 3rd, 2003. They go shooting at Jackson Arms
in South SF and then sit down in the park for a bit of conversation with
marine-cum-hacker Tack.

Episode #10 - Crack: We Are Rock / Zeigenbock Kopf
Air Date: Wednesday / March 5th, 2003 - Midnight - 30 minutes

Crack: We Are Rock
Cameras: Deborah Giattina, Virgil Porter
Editing: Virgil Porter
:: A Valentine's Day to remember for a year that already seems
worthless. Garbled bass bellows, blown keyboards shriek while twins sing
about finding love in the wrong places. The interview takes place in a
wooded cove tucked away in the midst of a metropolis teeming with street
urges and vice. Crack:WAR perform "Hooker Leg" and "Animal Trap."

Zeigenbock Kopf
Cameras: Virgil Porter, James Squeaky
Editing: Virgil Porter
Intro: Mariah Gardner, Virgil Porter
:: These darlings of the local gab performed live at Bottom of the Hill in
Man Francisco on 12.14.02. James Squeaky
(http://www.sincerebrutality.com) and I braved the dancefloor to capture
on tape these supposed boys from Berlin. No interview, just dancing you
fucking sluts. They perform three hits; "Hunter, Sleeper," "Blinded By
Lust" and "I Come Too Much."

Episode #11 "Shorts"
Air Date: Wednesday April 2nd, 2003 at Midnight - 30 minutes

The following is the video lineup that was broadcast. Some of the files
are now available for download.

Granfaloon Bus - "Half A Beer, Half A Song"
:: A Country tune for the hidden cowboy in all of us.

Knockout Pills - Short
:: Rock and Roll from the Tuscon desert live at San Diego bar Scolari's
Office. They're interviewed in a porn store by Larry from Genetic
Disorder 'zine and Zach Connolly assembled the segment.
The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower - "Sometimes I Wish I'd Lost A Leg"
:: Live at 40th street in Oakland. You get to see me twitch in the
background while they spazz out. Everyone on this list will hate it.
Especially you.
Total Shutdown - "One"
:: E*rock does a nasty flash anime and I convert it to video for all to
enjoy! Arg. I spazz you spazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Eat face!
:: Watch the flash version!

Popo - "1, 2, 3, 4"
:: A clip of the most extreme channeling of Chuck Berry ever! No piss
involved, but it feels like your brain is full of urinal cakes after a
single viewing.
Hello Noisy - "Song #14"
:: Rad super 8 nonsense from the next generation. This is SF's Picard to
the aging Kirk! Music video by Erin Ruch & Antonio.
Assbaboons of Venus - "Naked Lady Wrestler VS Mango Man"
:: I think the title says it all. Pete Larson totally knows these

Zeigenbock Kopf - "Commercial by Dug"
:: Blatant teen exploitation of erotic man grime. We sell to kids and
they better fucking like it!
Burmese - "Mini segment"
:: David Lim captures a rare glimpse into one the Bay Area's most
questionable music acts. Some live material from Bottom of the Hill
("Preyer", "Treaties of Greed and Filth", and "Shut your mouth...I Paid
for the Hour"), some roundtable discussion about their evolution in
songwriting and lots of accolades for things to do around the "SF

Episode #12 - Coachwhips / Extreme Elvis
Air Date: 5/7/03, Midnight - 30 minutes

:: Won't you kindly be aware that they can't help it if they make
Grandpa feel like 21? Just get off their backs, okay? I know you wanted
it rare, but the beefsteak somehow become well-done! Coachwhips play
some songs and a few people share their feelings about the band.
Assembled (and mostly shot) by Mat Coté.
Extreme Elvis
:: I sit down and have a fireside chat with the faux-King about a
variety of topics and watch some clips from the last couple years. Bases
covered: personal inspiration, drug abuse, shitting on stage, loving
one's mother, breaking up and much much more. Clips include EE at his
personal best: taking care of a flag in Albany, NY, drinking out of
condoms in NYC, covering Minor Threat and it all closes with a scorching
version of "Suspicious Minds" taken from the infamous head-shaving /
break-up show at Kimo's (8/17/02). Assembled and interviewed by Virgil